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October 2021
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Why men don’t listen ( A Note to the ladies )

Look ladies the reason, we men generally do not listen. Not you in particular but to women generally. Is that we are sex crazed maniacs with hormones and sperm  that need to be released. We look at a women say in our minds. Whoah how am I going to get that into bed and the only thing we hear from your mouth is “blah blah blah blah blah” and any word that comes out is translated to “blah I want sex now blah”.

Do you see the men behind you reading this nodding their heads. Look behind you. Yes they are smiling and agreeing with me. The best way for us men to listen REALLY listen. With out them  just saying YES and NODDING aimlessly is to have sex with them. All the sexual energy will be released and then they will have a clear opened mind to listen to you ladies.

Some guys who have sex regularly or masturbate are good listeners also. So find a good masturbator or a one that has sex regularly and you ladies will be happy.

Hint Guys who watch sports, this is NOT a substitute for sex it maybe seem they are excited but they are not listening to you they are say “ah huh yes” and nodding so don’t be fooled.

Good luck ladies.

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