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October 2021
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Why girls are attracted and date F*$@#ing Morons: Mystery Revealed

I gave this alot of thought. Why the fuck, do great attractive fucking sexy women, date fucking moronic jerks? What do they have bigger cocks than me. They, are big dicks of course with their fucking personality. But why not choose me? I am a relatively nice guy and it seems? Hey, WTF, no wait BIG MOTHER fucking WTF. Why not go out with me.

Well drum roll please, the mystery is revealed. Pay attention here you all.

Girls who date, just date, they don’t want to settle down for the most part. They are Serial Daters. If you are nice sensitive over all nice guy. Girls just do not see that one aspect as the only piece of their goal. Yes they plan for the whole picture to a tee. What will not just happen now and what is the overall plan in the future. They have already planning an escape plan. How to leave even before they start dating. The whole plan these girls have is pretty fucking smart, if you ask me. I gave it alot of thought.

If you are nice, sweet and sensitive, just forget it with these ladies. It essentially tricky for them to break up with you. It’s all messy and ewww yucky. But now if you are a jerk it’s easy to break up. Just get any damn reason out of the bag and she tells all her friends and they all sympathize with her and she can move on. Her friends will tell her, after the break up with the jerk, ‘He was never good for you’ and ‘You should have broken up much earlier’ and they help her get a new boyfreind. Yes they do that help each other get laid. It’s not a myth. It’s true. Girls help other girls get laid seriously they do. It’s not just a guy thing.

But let look again at the nice guy. The poor sap. If she tries just tries to break up with a nice guy people what happens they all blame her. Why did you break up he’s such a nice guy and it gets all messy so this is what the plan was from the beginning.

Now if you are nice you perceived as probably NOT wild in bed. So see the point, of where this is going. She is looking for some wild sex orgy not particularly looking to get married and she’s checking out her options as an escape to end it. Get good sex and leave.

Go out with a wild psychotic jerk get great sex then get out of the relationship then get sympathy from her girlfriends then get set up with another guy OR go out with a nice guy who is not into wild sex orgies and probably boring sex and get stuck with him forever and not ever get laid again.

So there you have it my friends. Be a jerk and moronic idiotic jerk and you will get laid and by chance if you ever are crazy enough to want to settle down and get married then be that fucking sweet guy in the corner that does not ever get laid. Enjoy

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