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October 2021
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What sick f**ks will do

There are alot of sick fucks out there in the world. Hey sex is good, nothing wrong with it. What some people do is mean. They are mean mother fucks out there to be careful. Case in point, read the following to find out more.

In Short this is what happens
Some guy pretends to be girls (and visa versa can happen either way I’ll explain now it works the other way later) This guy grabs some photos form the internet, chats with unsuspecting guys on sex chat rooms. The guy gets  excited from the photos, then sends their photos back to these MoFos. These mother f**ckers get their photos then posted their photos online or save it to their collection. Who are these collectors? Some say Gay men who enjoy seeing naked guys, Bi-Guys who get off seeing other guys, other Straight guys who want to make trouble. Hey whoever they are these are some mean dumb fucks in my book. They also can post it on the Internet for others to see.

Here is the process

1 Doing a quick search TGP (Thumbnail Gallery Posts – definition) (Here is how to find the images).

2 These Mofos, pretending to be girls with the picts from the TGP site, join chat rooms and chat with guys. Once they got their attention and talk to them they entice these guys, with some dirty talk and get them excited. The end result  to get the guys  photos


they post them on chat sites  and pretend to be girls. In the conversing with the guys in these chat sites. These fuck heads usually bi-males entice the guys, by sending them the pictures of these girls from the internet, then the guys send pictures back not knowing their intention. Most of the time they are bi-males or gay males who enjoy the game.

Besides the cheap thrill of seeing a guy nekkid even though most of these are straight and wining form the Hunt. What can they do with these photos?

Post the images back online for other dumbfucks to see. Hey they have no right of seeing pictures of people not intended for that why they are dumb fucks, in my book.

Other sites are in the cause to embarassing people like this site

Hey thanks John and Mary (true names with held) for the information of what is going on out there and how it works.

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