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October 2021
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Get that Girl

Ways to get that girl. No it’s not cut a hole in the box

We can learn a thing or two from Casper the VERY friendly ghost and cartoons.
casper and wendy

or from the SNL Skit

Wonder is Saturday Nite Live got inspired. from Casper we will never know.

Well the ideas to get that girl in the sack. Let’s talk options

Step 1 Talk to that girl and if she’s interested hey go for it

If failed

Step 2 State that you are GAY and always have been. She will most likely feel more comfortable and let her guard down. One you get to know her. Hey hit the moves go for it

If failed

Step 3 Follow the laws of created by the WEDDING CRASHERS

Get that girl when they are the most vulnerable at Wedding when they see their best freind getting married or funerals when they are emotionally vulnerable. Yes you can then go for it

if fails or don’t have that opportunity

4 Find a girl and invite her over for dinner, music, blah blah you know and just let her melt in your arms with pron in the back ground. Female freind porn of course.

Hey if all else fails you an always attempt a real truthful relationship which takes aloooot of work. Good luck.


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