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October 2021
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Double Standards Men and Women

We all hear that there are double standards. How women get the short end of the stick most of the time. In one area where women get their way is hooking up.

If a guy no mater how good looking handsome and sure of himself if a little too aggressive and the women does not like him it’s a turn off. Dude your a goner. You are not getting that pussy. But if a girl is a dog but is any is slightly aggressive she can get any guy. The guy would be a like “Whoah I’m getting some tonight” and for any guy with any testosterone in his body is like “really turned o” with aggressive ladies. So girls you don’t have to do anything just smile put your hands on his knees and look in his eyes that’s it.

You on the other hand, yes you guys, most of the time “Good luck” that can lead to a slap on the face.

Hey doods all is not lost here is a sure fire way to make things your way.

A Good way to meet women is to find an attractive girl and see if she wants to talk if you if yes then great but if she is not giving you the time of day. Do some reverse psychology on her. Go and make friends with the most ugliest girl in the place. The one in the corner that nobody is talking to and be super loud and friendly. Now the girl that was not paying any attention to you will take notice of you, so should all the rest of the ladies in the room. What do you think she is thikning dooe. She is thinking hey if this guy is paying that much attention to that girl that has nothing and butt ugly, “What will he do to me. I’m smart and much more attractive. I want that. The attention” Also what she is thinking he is such a nice guy he really likes her and looks like a person’s personality and inner self and not just the physical looks. He’s a keeper and over all nice guy. See this is what she is thinking. Work on her curious and what she is missing not being with you.

Now if this reverse psychology does not work on the attractive women then forget her and just stick with the butt ugly girl. You know why? In the dark we all look the same. We all can not see anything anyway in the dark. Just enjoy man enjoy.

Maybe next time 🙂 man

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