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January 2020
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Get Quick Rich Seminars and Porn side by side comparison

Who has seen these late night commercials to BUY PROPERTY get rich quick rich schemes and who has seem PORN. Well the everyone has seem the 1st and the 2nd nobody will admit to in good company. But let’s see these two side by side. What does these quick rich schemes keep spewing out. Make money quickly just spend $49.99 then read it and the money will flow. What does porn indirectly say? Walk into a room any Old Ugly John can stick out his cock and look at a beautiful blond big titted women and can get a good fucking. Does anyone really think either is true. REPEAT Just buy a property and the money will come threw OR Walk into a room and stick it out and it will get a BJ? REALLY? Neither has happened to me.

We all know walking in a room alone where there is a beautifully georgeous girl is first of all highly improbable, maybe in a fantasy world but not in reality, and second of all if there was a beautiful blond big breasted bitch I mean women were in the room why the fuck would they fuck you? Seriously they would be probably in the bed sucking off someone else. Seriously. Think about it. On the same note why would a GREAT PROPERTY just appear on your lap. There are alot of people after that property just like they are after that beautiful women.

These quick scheme property and quick scheme property are great ideas but do you think all the houses and properties are GREAT PLACES. Of course fucking not. Most are condemend, people don’t want them, too far off from the city  like a $20 hooker with a disease. Just like the bad Hoes, houses are not all good just like not all prostitutes are good. There is good Hoes and bad Hoes. Just like there is good property and bad property and fucked up property that nobody wants that can NOT be sold or rented. These programs ONLY show the good ones like the million dollar and great prostitutes like in the movie Pretty Woman.

I know some people bought property and over paid and could not rent out the places or flip the property and it was worthless just like a high priced prostitute that would not fuck nor give a bj but just give quick hand job and walk away with your money well walk away with alot of money.

What do these info commercials show those low cost clean homes that will do anything for $20 even fuck you and give a nice bj. I mean low cost homes that can be flipped for alot more than what you bought them for or rented for alot of money than they are worth. Well they do exist. I mean the property not the Ho’s. But they are a few and far between one must search and search to fine the right hoe I mean property to make a good return.

Don’t get fucked getting into these quick rich schemes. If you want to get a nice Hoe and you will get your monies worth even if they are over priced it’s possible but don’t think by walking in and getting your dick sucked will happen all the time, you will probably be fucked a few time until you learn how it works and then you can  do the fucking. Just make sure you are protected, have protection and have back up to get out of there if something goes wrong pull out of the deal.

Remember that get quick schemes like good hoes do exist but one must be careful on what you are getting yourself into do the fucking and don’t get fucked. Remember that point and you’ll be ok.

Remember enjoy the Quick Rich Seminars and your Porn. Anything is  possible in the end.